Bring On The Drama Club Eyes

Here at TBD, we’re always trying to simplify things for you so you see how easy it is to re-create our favorite red carpet looks. Yes there are 8 steps above but they’re not hard and if you remember to blend blend blend, there’s really no way to mess it up! We love this look because it’s a strong statement for when you want to bring out your alter ego, but not in a “whoa she’s got a lot going on with her makeup” way. Here’s exactly what I used on my dear assistant Carissa above:
Sweep a shimmery black shadow across your lid from the lashline up to the crease with a laydown brush.
Add a burnt sienna shadow {Tuscan Sunset} just above the black from the crease upwards, stopping just below your brow bone with our favorite eye contour brush. I like to think of it like adding a sunset above the horizon of an asphalt road. Then blend everything to soften both shadows.
Trace your upper lashline with a smudge-proof black liquid liner.
Sweep the burnt sienna shadow along your lower lashline with a shadow liner brush.
Add a waterproof black cream liner along your lower lashline with a cream liner brush, really concentrating it between your lashes.
Rim your inner waterline with a black kajal liner.
Blend the edges with an ivory shimmer shadow using a blending brush. You never want to see the highlight below your brow; it’s part of directing attention to your eyes, but shouldn’t be visible, so please blend!
Finish the look with a couple coats of a volumizing mascara that’s not stiff.
I would do your eyes before applying foundation so you can easily clean up any shadow droppings below your eyes without messing up your makeup. Then pair this look with a nude lip and cheek for balance and have fun!
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Mad For Plaid
We found yet another use for those lovely DIY nail stickers. Here’s how we created a plaid party:
Paint your tape with 3 or 4 different colors. Cut into strips. Do a couple different widths.
Paint your base coat. We used an off white vanilla color.
You’ll want to start building from the inside corner and move outward. Over lap one vertical and one horizontal strip.
Now do another set of stickers out from that set.
Keep going until you get to the opposite corner.
Use cuticle nippers to trim the excess sticker.
Always apply a top coat over tape stickers to avoid to peeling!
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A Subtle Sparkle

It’s hard to walk the line with glitter… it’s way too fun to pass up, but we don’t want to end up looking like Vegas showgirls when we’re just going out to dinner! Here’s the perfect balance to dress up your eyes in a chic + effortless fashion.
TOOLS: gold + burgundy powder eye shadows, glitter cream shadow, black liquid liner, your favorite mascara, black kajal liner, a crease brush, a medium flat-head brush.
With the crease brush, apply the light gold shadow just above your crease all the way up to your brow bone. Then trace the remainder along your lower lashline.
Using the flat-head brush, apply the burgundy shadow in a half-moon shape just along and above the crease. Then sweep an additional layer along your lower lashline.
Apply the glitter cream shadow all over the lid directly from the shadow stick, building layers until you have a good amount of product deposited. I used Jemma Kidd Makeup Stardust Creme Shadow in Cosmos but Comet is gorgeous too! Smooth out any clumps with your finger.
Line your upper lashline with the black liquid liner, winging it out if you wish. I used Too Faced Liguif-eye Liquid Liner because it won’t feather or disappear.
Apply a couple coats of your favorite mascara. I used By Terry Terrybly Mascara on Carissa because it’s formulated with a lash-growing serum so every day that you use it, it helps grow more lashes!
Finish by lining your inner waterline with the black kajal liner.
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Matte Contour (Lining the crease)

Did you know you can use your eyeliner to contour your crease? I prefer it to shadow when I want a really strong + matte look. Here’s how:
TOOL: I used Le Metier de Beaute Dualistic Eye Pencil in Champagne (a smoky taupe) to show you the most natural version. But you can certainly use brown, dark gray or even black for a more Sixties-inspired version. Just make sure it’s a kohl pencil and not a longwear or kajal liner as it needs to be blendable.
STEP 1: Practice first with the cap still on or with the back end of the pencil by starting in the inner corner then tracing in a half-moon shape so you can  ”feel” out where the hollow socket is. Technically you’re tracing the outline of your eyeball (oh so chic!). Now that you’re confident where to draw the line, take the cap off and sweep the liner back and forth like a windsheild wiper from one end to the other until you have a nice color payoff.
STEP 2: Blend the line gently with your finger to smooth out any edges. That’s it! I didn’t go further with Carissa’s makeup because I wanted this technique to be the only focus but you can then trace the same liner on your bottom lashline for balance and finish with mascara.
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Homemade Lip Stain
For those of you concerned about what chemicals we’re putting in and on our bodies, you can’t get more natural than this homemade berry lip stain! We love it because it adds the perfect “just-bitten” hint of color to fake that Snow White luscious lip! Here’s how to do it yourself:
INGREDIENTS: 3 Blackberries (for their bright berry color), 1 Raspberry (for its feminine pink color), 3 Pomegranate Seeds (for their vibrant red color), 1/2 teaspoon edible oil (I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil), a small Bowl + Spoon (or mortar + pestle if you have them), Fork or Sifter to drain, small 5-gram Pot/Jar with screw top from any craft store
STEP 1: Mash the blackberries and raspberry in the bowl thoroughly with the back of your spoon.
STEP 2: Add the pomegranate juice into the mixture by individually squeezing them between your thumb and index fingers over the bowl.
STEP 3: Pour the olive oil into the bowl and stir everything together with your spoon.
STEP 4: Finish by draining the liquid from the mixture into your small portable jar.
For application, use your fingers, a lip brush or a Q-tip. It’ll only be good for a few days so refrigerate it for longevity. Have fun with it and even try different fruits (acai berries, cherries, etc)! You can play with the ratios of each fruit to customize your desired shade but you’ll get the most color payoff from the blackberries.
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Robin’s Egg Nails
Some people are more skilled at nail art than others and some can’t wear crazy funky nail art to the office. So here’s a simple look that anyone can do no matter your skill level or work environment. It’s 2 super easy steps and a really subtle, wearable look. This happens to be my all time favorite polish combo because it’s soft and sparkly and takes about 5 minutes. Here’s how to get this Robin’s Egg mani…
Paint the base coat with any pastel polish. Here I used THIS ONE for the blue.
And top it off with THIS GLITTERY GOODNESS by Deborah Lippman. I’ve never been able to find a glitter polish quite like this one. It’s got several sizes of glitter in one bottle which is what give it the robin’s egg look.
That’s it! Sweet and simple.
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